Bodum Bistro - Mixing Bowls - 3 Piece Dishwashable - Plastic - Various Colours

Colour: Red
When you’re getting down to the real serious business in the kitchen – on the savory or on the sweet side – that’s where you start: the mixing bowl. May you try (for the fifth time) to get your friend’s delicious mayo recipe exactly right and precisely as your taste buds remember it, or may you try your hand at a very special French chocolate mousse oh-la-la, you need a mixing bowl that provides your solid base. These BISTRO mixing bowls are made from plastic. An extra layer of rubber gives the handle and the bottom surface a good grip. The mixing bowls come in 3 sizes; 1.4l, 2.8l and 4.7l. The 1.4l bowl has an overall length of 21.5cm/8.5in with an upper diameter of 17.5cm/6.9in and is 13cm/5.1in high. The 2.8l bowl has an overall length of 27cm/10.6in with an upper diameter of 22cm/8.7in and is 16cm/6.3in high. The 4.7l bowl has an overall length of 31.5cm/12.4in with an upper diameter of 26cm/10.2in and is 17.7cm/7in high. They are dishwasher safe
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