Kitchen Academics - Prep to Pot Bamboo Chopping Board with Side Tray

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The innovative design by Kitchen Academics makes their Prep to Pot chopping board a completely mess-free board. There is a handy plastic tray attached via magnets on one side, so chopped food can be collected for easy transfer to the pot.The other side has a lip that you can slide a plate under and move food directly on to the plate. The plastic tray can then be used as a utensil rest while you finish cooking. The idea of using chopping boards with a detachable tray makes this a must have in any kitchen.The board is made from bamboo wood which is denser and less porous than other woods thus resisting water and knife scarring and making it a perfect surface for chopping your fruit, veg and meat on.The board is not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed and wiped dry - do not soak. It measures 40cm/15.7in by 22cm/8.7in by 3cm/1.2in.
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